Welcome to my site - My aim is to help all you people with non-original R4SDHC flash carts get the latest firmware . Video Instruction's above in 'Video Tutorial' tab. Also feel free to contact me in the forum, I will help in any way I can. Now works with R4-III Upgrade. By RamboJambo21.

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Wood For R4SDHC v1.42.zip Wood For R4SDHC v1.42.zip
Size : 1934.838 Kb
Type : zip
Wood For R4SDHC v1.41.zip Wood For R4SDHC v1.41.zip
Size : 1822.293 Kb
Type : zip
R4SDHC - YSMenu v7.00.zip R4SDHC - YSMenu v7.00.zip
Size : 8824.194 Kb
Type : zip
R4SDHC - YSMenu V6.99.zip R4SDHC - YSMenu V6.99.zip
Size : 2309.085 Kb
Type : zip
R4SDHC - YSMenu V6.98.zip R4SDHC - YSMenu V6.98.zip
Size : 2307.31 Kb
Type : zip
R4SDHC - YSMenu V6.97.zip R4SDHC - YSMenu V6.97.zip
Size : 2308.128 Kb
Type : zip

Read Me First:


To start with, download the main R4SDHC or R4-III upgrade kernel by clicking ---> here.

Put it on the root of your Micro SD card

like normal. Then download the latest Wood

version on the left. Once you have done that extract it and copy the two files in the zip to the root of your Micro SD, start up your DS,

R4 will boot up, then click games and select

the file called woodr4sdhc.nds to start Wood

and you can play most of your games.

For YSMenu download the zip file then copy

ttmenu and default.nds to your Micro SD

so when you start the DS, YSMenu will load automatically.


Flash Cart - It must look like this!

R4 SDHC Flash Cart

 Read Me for R4III:

For Wood just follow the same instructions for R4SDHC on the left. For YSMenu use the R4 III folder included in the download and follow the red instructions on the left.

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